TNA Software


Features List


Manually add, change and remove clockings, daily hours and payroll hours.
Bulk add clockings, hours, rosters and leave.
View and fix processing errors.
View processor exceptions (warnings)
Employee Information
Up to 8 Employee Classifications
Employee Hire and Termination Dates
Contact Details
Capture Employee Picture with Web Cam
Leave Management
Unlimited Leave Types (Paid, Unpaid etc)
Tracking of Paid Leave days
Tracking of Sick Leave days
Manage leave individually, and in groups
View & Print as a Calendar
Shift Rostering
Change employee's Payroll Shift
Specify employee's Daily Shift 
Bulk Roster of employee's
Swap employees between 2 shifts
Shift Features
Very flexible day and week boundaries
Up to 25 different Time Categories
Up to 250 different Time Rates
Unlimited number of breaks
"Variable" Shifts
Rolling Shifts
Public Holidays Supported
Daily and Payroll Balancing
Daily and Payroll Rounding
Bonus Time
Standard Hours
Pay on Day-Out
Expected Time
Ships with over 50 TNA reports
Output in Text or PDF format
Report to Printer, File, Screen or Email
Select Employees to Print
Import customized reports
Export to computer readable format for payroll use

TNA Minimum Requirements

Intel Pentium 4 1.3 GHz processor (or similar)
256 MB RAM
200 MB Disk Space
Windows XP, Vista (32-bit)