TNA Software

Identify the Thieves of Time

Pinpoint those not-so-productive employees who always come a few minutes late or leave a couple of minutes early.  Know which ones lingers just a bit longer than necessary so they can claim overtime. TNA's attendance reports will help you manage your employee attendance to a tee. 


When 9 Time Categories Is Not Enough

You can create up to 25 time categories and up to 250 time rates.  That gives you 6,250 time classifications!


Shifts in Top Gear

Create your shift schedules and assign them to your employees.   Moving employees between shifts is easily done via daily and / or payroll rostering.


...but that's not all!

  • Create employee groups for easy reporting using the 8 employee classifications
  • setup re-occurring public holidays
  • bulk add clockings, hours and leave
  • monitor paid and unpaid breaks
  • export employee hours to your payroll package




"Scotty!  I need more power!"

"No problem, Capt'n!"  For more information on TNA Standard, Professional and Enterprise visit  (This is a time clock website after all!)



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