Proximity Cards

  • Credit Card & Keyring Tag
  • Credit Card Dimensions: 850mm (w) x 530mm (h) x 1mm (d)
  • Keyring Tag Dimensions: 27mm (w) x 35mm (h) x 5mm (d)

CS TimeClock Child Clocks

  • Link up to three additional CS TimeClocks to your parent CS TimeClock, at a fraction of the parent unit's cost. 
  • View all employee clocking information of all four clocks online via your web browser from a browser URL address.
  • Child clocks can be installed up to 1000m away from the parent clock.
  • Employee information clocking direction is automatically updated in real-time between units.
  • Child Clocks do not have TCP/IP or USB ports.

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CS TimeClock Siren Interface

  • Supports a 220V AC Siren or bell
  • Allows the bell or siren to be manually triggered
  • Protect and isolates the clock from the siren or bell

Watch a video on connecting a siren interface to the clock.

CS TimeClock External Battery Backup

  • Wall mountable
  • Provides battery backup for one CS TimeClock for up to 24 hours
  • Charging LED indicates power outlet status