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The CS TimeClock 3350 and 3370 is CE Compliant!

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Mk 1:  Release 1.24h

Mk 2:  Release 2.07g

Mk 3:  Release 3.04b

No PC Software Required

Manage your employees and their hours in real time via the web interface or export information to a USB thumb drive.  Try the demo!


Add additional hardware modules or interface your own software product to the CS TimeClock range of hardware.

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Why struggle when time and attendance can be EASY?

The CS TimeClock is a time and attendance clocking system which will calculate your employee hours automatically.  You don't even need to connect it to a computer

Spend LESS time doing your payroll and SAVE money by not having to use time cards, cutting out manual calculation errors and paying employees for the time they've worked.

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